Vehicle Types And Driver Training Modules

Different vehicle types travelling down a city road

The manner in which drivers are assessed and trained varies depending on the type of vehicle they drive.

To watch a short video explaining the driver training modules and how we allocate relevant training to drivers, please scroll down this page to the video.

At E-Training World, we have a range of online driver profiling and e-driver training systems covering all major vehicle types.

  • Cars and small vans
  • Large vans (3.5T – 7.5T)
  • HGVs (over 7.5t)
  • PCV (Bus/Coach)
  • Minibus
  • Motorcycles (profiling only)

E-driver training modules cover the following topics, enabling you to tailor your driver training to  where its needed the most. We also a have a suite of modules for electric vehicle drivers…

Electric Vehicle Modules

Introduction to Electric Vehicles
Key information for drivers that are new to electric vehicles – also useful to encourage drivers into EVs

Electric Vehicle Awareness
A general driver training module to help your electric vehicle drivers become safer on the road

Speed Awareness (Electric Vehicles)
The skills and knowledge required to drive an EV at a legal speed that is safe for the conditions, road, visibility, weather

Modules for all Vehicle Types

Adverse Weather
Driving in unfavourable weather conditions and how to remain safe

Avoid Hitting 3rd Party in the Rear
Techniques to minimise your chances of suffering a rear end collision (i.e. avoiding hitting the rear of the vehicle in front)

Avoiding Common Collisions
How to avoid the most common incidents such as rear end collisions, hitting parked cars and fixed objects, plus addressing poor behaviours such as speeding and poor observation/hazard perception.

City Driving
How to drive safely in cities, towns and congested areas

Concentration & Observation
The importance of concentration and observation to driving and the techniques to improve it

Cycling Awareness for Drivers
A course for drivers of vehicles to make them more aware of cyclists and driving safely when sharing the road with them

Driver Attitude
The importance of having the right attitude and the implications of poor attitude on your driving

Drugs & Alcohol
The dangers of drinking and / or using drugs then driving

Eco Driving & Environmental Awareness
How to be an eco-friendly driver

Hazard Perception
The skills that enable you to spot ‘clues’ to potential hazards, therefore helping you proactively avoid hazards rather than react late to them

HGV Parking & Manoeuvring
Techniques for parking and manoeuvring large goods vehicles

HGV Preventing Bridge Strikes
Methods to limit the chances of causing a bridge strike with a high vehicle

HGV Vehicle Safety Checks & Loading
The importance of making regular safety checks and loading HGVs safely

Lone Worker
A module aimed at anyone who works or travels alone and could be deemed vulnerable as a result of their lone worker status

A short driver training course for anyone who drives a minibus

Mobile Phone & Other Driving Distractions
The dangers of using a mobile phone and other in-vehicle / external driving distractions.

Motorway & Dual-Carriageway Lane Discipline
The skills required to avoid collisions caused by changing lanes on motorways and dual-carriageways plus joining these roads

Parking and manoeuvring
How to reduce slow manoeuvring collisions such as hitting fixed objects and methods for parking safely

PCV Parking & Manoeuvring
For bus and coach drivers, how to reduce slow manoeuvring collisions such as hitting fixed objects and methods for parking safely

PCV Passenger Care
How to drive a bus or coach in a manner that builds confidence and ensures all passengers enjoy the journey

Road Rage
How to remain calm when driving and avoid becoming engaged in angry exchanges with other road users

Rural Driving
Techniques for driving on country roads and in rural areas

Speed Awareness
The skills and knowledge required to drive at a speed that is safe for the conditions including the road, visibility, weather etc – as well as driving within the legal speed limit

UK Road Signs & Markings
Do you know the Highway code? A simple module covering some key areas and a great refresher course for any driver

Vehicle Safety Checks
The importance of making regular safety checks of your vehicle to ensure it is always safe, legal and compliant

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