Vehicle Types And Driver Training Modules

Different vehicle types travelling down a city road

The manner in which drivers are assessed and trained varies depending on the type of vehicle they drive.

At E-Training World, we have a range of online driver profiling and e-driver training systems covering all major vehicle types.

  • Cars and small vans
  • Large vans (3.5T – 7.5T)
  • HGV Artic
  • HGV Rigid
  • PCV (Bus/Coach)
  • Minibus

E-driver training modules cover the following topics, enabling you to tailor your driver training to  where its needed the most. 

Each module combines high definition video footage (filmed using in-vehicle cameras, roadside cameras and drones) alongside still images, expert guidance and multiple choice questions to provide a highly effective and engaging approach to online driver training.

The training can be carried out on PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones enabling you to deliver on-going driver training across all of your drivers, irrespective of whether they have access to a computer – ensuring that all drivers become safer on the road and have less collisions.

Modules for all Vehicle Types

  • Avoid hitting 3rd party in rear
  • Concentration and observation
  • Cyclist awareness for drivers
  • Driver attitude
  • Hazard perception
  • Motorway and dual carriageway discipline
  • Parking and manoeuvring
  • Speed awareness
  • UK Road signs and markings
  • Vehicle safety checks
  • Rural driving
  • City driving

E-Training World has an outstanding reputation for accurately assessing driver risk and providing relevant web-based driver training. To try our systems with no obligation, why not ask for a free demo login?

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