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E-Training World’s online driver profiling system is a skills and knowledge assessment, which uses the tried and trusted methods of risk assessing drivers in-vehicle, but places the process online.

Why not watch our video, below, where Jonathan Mosley, E-Training World’s sales and marketing director explains the process in more detail. 

Drivers complete a 4 stage risk assessment, covering the core driving disciplines of:

  • Attitude
  • Knowledge
  • Concentration and Observation
  • Hazard Perception

These are the 4 key areas an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) would be observing if they were assessing a driver ‘in vehicle’.

Each section contains 12 questions, and after each question the driver is told whether they answered correctly, and given the right answer and a full explanation. This is useful so that drivers are not only being assessed, but are being trained during the process as well.

At the end of the assessment, drivers are immediately given an overall risk rating of High, Medium or Low risk. They also receive a High, Medium or Low risk for each of the 4 sections so that they, and their fleet manager, can see where their strengths and weaknesses lie.


On average, less than 10% of drivers are likely to be high risk, 70% medium risk and 20% low risk, and E-Training World recommends that:

  • High risk drivers are advised to take on-road defensive driver training*
  • Medium risk drivers are advised to receive online training
  • Low risk drivers may not require further training (unless you choose to)

Driver improvement, and the reduction of accidents, is produced through regular training. Putting drivers through 1 course helps for a period of time, but the benefit can quickly wear off as bad habits creep back in.

Our recommendation is to provide medium risk drivers with between 4 and 6 e-modules per annum, and to use the e-modules as ongoing refresher training for those high risk drivers who have completed an on the road driver training course. Click here for a complete list of e-driver training modules.

Regular web-based driver training not only educates drivers, it also changes their attitudes and creates a culture of safe driving.

* E-Training World purposefully does not offer on-road training, however we are able to put you in touch with extremely professional on road specialists.

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