Driving after Lockdown 2

As you venture out onto the roads, be aware that drivers may pull out without looking, may not be paying attention to your vehicle, may not indicate (as they haven’t seen any point in doing so when the roads have been so empty) and they may drive far more irrationally than normal.

Not only should you be aware of this, you must also not let your driving be affected by their actions.

After an angry encounter with another driver who has annoyed us, we often dwell on the event and our concentration suffers. When our concentration is poor we can easily make driving mistakes. Try not to let the actions of other road users push you into making a mistake.

Pedestrians have become very used to the roads being quiet, and many people step into the road to remain 2 metres away from people walking towards them. Assuming the roads are quiet, they may also decide to cross impulsively – especially if they are on their phones. As you drive past pedestrians, be cautious and expect the unexpected by slowing down or allowing extra space.

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