What’s wrong with using a mobile phone whilst driving?

Woman driving and texting on mobile smartphone

The law states it is an offence to use a handheld mobile phone whilst driving (including whilst stationary with the engine running or in traffic queues). If you are caught using a handheld mobile whilst driving you can expect a fine of £200 plus 6 points on your licence.

Apart from what the law states there are other good reasons for not using even handsfree mobiles phones. You might argue that talking on a phone is no different than chatting to a passenger, but there is one very big difference. When you have a passenger and are chatting to them, they are also seeing the same as you, so when you notice a developing situation that needs more of your concentration, your passenger will automatically stop talking. However, when on the phone the other person will keep talking as they have no idea about what you’re dealing with on the road.

You might be thinking that you can concentrate on both driving and the conversation. If you are, ask yourself why then, when you are lost and need to concentrate on finding your route or destination, do you turn the radio down?

As a driver training company, we have proven that you can’t concentrate on both the conversation and driving at the same time. We have set up a manoeuvring course and asked drivers to complete the course as quickly as possible without hitting the cones. We then ask them to complete the course again, but this time we have phoned them and placed an order for ten items that their company sold. Yes, most drivers could complete the course without adding much time to their first attempt but often they hit more cones. However, we have never had a driver who could remember more that 6 items that we ordered. So, if it isn’t the safety angle that we get you to switch off your mobile whilst driving, just think of the business implications.

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