What’s the speed limit on this road?

You may have looked in your mirrors and seen a police car following you. When this happens, the first thing you ask yourself is, am I speeding, and what is the speed limit on this road?

If you have found yourself in this situation, the first thing you should ask yourself is, ‘why wasn’t I concentrating and how long has it been since I last checked your mirrors?’

You should always know the speed limit. With some modern cars that is now easy as they show both your speed and the actual limit of the road. But if you aren’t lucky enough to own a modern vehicle with that type of technology, you have to use your observation skills.

A road that has a system of street lights is always a 30mph limit unless signs state otherwise. If there are no street lights and no other speed signs, then the national limit applies, which is 60mph for a car (other vehicle types have different speed limits, see the Highway Code) All other speed limits will have repeater signs stating the limit, the 50mph limit repeater signs will be further apart than the 40mph repeater signs. The national speed limit is 70mph for a car on both a Motorway and a Dual-carriageway.

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