What is the correct speed for a bend?

We have all seen films where the hero drives fast and still manages to get around a bend without losing control of their car. Yet when you go around a bend a bit too fast you can get a twitchy feeling and are thankful when you make it without crashing. A Phew! That was close’moment!

So, what is the correct speed for a bend? First it might seem obvious but the posted speed limit for the road is the maximum, not the target. Every bend is different, but there is a way to judge the correct speed for every bend.

To judge the correct speed for a bend, we use the vanishing point (as shown by the arrow in the picture). As you approach the bend, look for the furthest point along the road that you can see, where the edge of the left and right side of the road appear to meet. At first the vanishing point will come towards you, the faster this happens the more braking you will need to do. Then it will remain the same distance away from you, at this point you will be at the correct speed for the bend. Finally, as you drive through the bend, the vanishing point will move away from you, only when this happens should you increase your speed.

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