Turning right – what’s so dangerous about that?

Turning right into a side road is easy….isn’t it? You check your mirrors, signal right, and stop opposite the junction – having first positioned close to the centre line and wait for a gap in the oncoming traffic. Is that all you have to think about? The answer is obviously ‘No’, otherwise there’d be no point in writing this Driving Tip!

Do you ever consider the risk of someone crashing into the rear of you, especially if the side road is just over the brow of a hill or around a bend? Many crashes are rear end collisions, so next time you are waiting to turn right, keep an eye on your mirrors and also remember to keep your front wheels straight until you can safely exit your turn. By keeping your front wheels straight and keeping an eye on your mirrors, you will be able to drive away if it looks like the vehicle behind isn’t able to stop in time. If you are hit from behind, at least you won’t be pushed into the path of the oncoming traffic.

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