Positioning for bends

In a previous Driving Tip, we looked at determining the correct ‘speed’ for a bend.

This tip is about the correct ‘positioning’ for a bend. Firstly, you as a driver are responsible for everything you do in your vehicle, so please use common sense when driving.

When driving you should position your vehicle for safety first and then to gain the most view of the road ahead, but also bear in mind that the positioning of your vehicle will give other road users an indication of your intentions.

On approach to a bend you should look to position close to the edge of the road/kerb for right hand bends and towards the centre of the road for left hand bends. This will give you the best possible view of the road ahead, providing the extra time to brake if you need to. However, you do need to consider things like the state of the road surface, any junctions and oncoming vehicles.

If you use the ‘limit point’ (described in an earlier Driving Tip) to judge the correct speed for the bend, together with the correct gear engaged and where possible position your vehicle as described above, you should find your driving becomes both smoother and most importantly safer.

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