Online risk assessments and driver training a ‘must’ for van operators

Companies operating fleets of vans should pro-actively use online driver profiling and e-driver training systems in the recruitment and training of drivers.

Graham Hurdle, managing director of E-Training World, says that the cost of poor driving is a huge problem for van fleets, and by not employing high risk drivers in the first place, and providing every new starter with an ongoing training plan, delivers long-term benefits.

“We have a system for assessing and training drivers of vans below 3.5T, and a separate system for vehicles between 3.5T and 7.5T,” said Graham.

“We’re finding an increasing number of companies using our systems to assess drivers at interview stage, not employing those who come out as high risk.

“Over time this reduces the risk profile of their entire driver pool, and regular monthly, or bi-monthly, web-based driver training also goes a long way to stop common incidents such as left hand scrapes, rear end collisions, reversing into fixed objects, damage to mirrors and other issues that cause van fleet operators such a costly headache.”

E-Training World’s driver profiling system takes drivers through a four-part test, looking at their attitude, knowledge, concentration/observation and hazard perception skills.

Each driver is given an overall rating of high, medium or low plus a risk rating for each of the four categories.

This information is then used to form a training plan, pinpointing which e-driver training modules would help to improve each person’ abilities.

“Almost all accidents are caused by human error,” said Graham, “and transport managers will tell you that the same incidents happen time and time again.

“Not only are they expensive and time-consuming to repair, damaged vans are a real blemish on a company’s reputation – after all, who wants a dented, scuffed and scratched vehicle driving around carrying their company logo.”

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