If you are a baby boomer generation, you might remember the film ‘Convoy’

The film was about a large convoy of truck drivers heading across the USA. The film also had a hit song ‘Convoy’ – sorry if you now have that playing in your head all day.

So, what has a 1970’s film got to do with driving in the 21stcentury? Well we still see drivers forming convoys, and just last week I noticed several vans from the same company driving in a convoy.

What is wrong with that you might ask? Well nothing until it all goes wrong.

If I were a Fleet Manager, I would have a policy banning drivers following each other in a convoy, and there are two reasons for this.

  1. Drivers might be more concerned about following each other and take chances such as jumping lights.
  2. If the lead vehicle is involved in a crash especially on high speed roads, then the company might have two, three or even four vehicle damaged, and worse drivers injured.
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