Effective profiling will slash driver training costs

Using an accurate and effective profiling system prior to driver training will dramatically reduce your training costs.

That’s according to Jonathan Mosley, sales and marketing director of E-Training World, who says its essential to profile drivers prior to making any decisions about driver training. This is because an online system will not only identify who needs in-vehicle intervention, it will also pinpoint what form of training is required.

“If you use an accurate online profiling system, you’d expect to see less than 10% of drivers coming out as high risk and needing some form of on road training,” said Jonathan.

“That means you’ve immediately been able to rule out in-vehicle training for the other 90% of drivers, with typically around 70% of drivers being medium risk and trainable online.

“Better still, by using a system like E-Training World’s you benefit from a breakdown of each driver’s needs, and our system gives risk ratings for a driver’s attitude, knowledge, concentration and observation, and hazard perception skills – all of which is like gold dust to a driver trainer who can then provide really relevant coaching on the road.”

E-Training World was one of the companies to pioneer the concept of online driver profiling and e-driver training, and now works with many of the best-known companies across the UK as well as providing white-labeled systems to businesses that work with fleet operators – namely insurance companies, contract hire and fleet management specialists, rental providers and other driver training companies.

For more information, call 0845 2607998 and ask for Jonathan Mosley or email jonathan@e-trainingworld.com

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