Why does your attitude have such a significant impact on how you drive?

Let’s take these 2 typical scenarios.

  • You have just had a major argument with someone close to you and stormed out of the house. You are furious with them because you feel you are right, and they are wrong. You then realise the argument has made you late. How do you think you will drive?
  • You have been given some good news, you’re driving to have lunch with an old friend and you’ve decided to take the scenic route because the sun is shining, you’re feeling relaxed and you’re having a good day. How do you think you will drive?

The lesson is, if you’re feeling emotional, upset or angry, take a moment to calm down before you drive. Or, if someone angers you while you are driving, take a deep breath or pull over for a moment.  There is no point in taking risks, and we all have times when our mind is elsewhere or we are emotionally charged.

The emergency services use a term called ‘Red Mist” which is a feeling of extreme anger that clouds one’s judgment temporarily. They believe many incidents involving professional drivers happen when there is a momentary lapse of concentration triggered by a change in attitude. It only takes a second to have a collision – don’t let your emotions raise your chances of it happening to you.

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