Driver profiling becoming standard practice for vehicle fleets

Woman in cafe looking at online driver profiling and e-driver training dashboard on a laptop

Profiling the risk of company drivers is fast becoming standard practice for businesses operating vehicle fleets.

According to Jonathan Mosley, sales and marketing director at E-Training World, it is now rare to come across companies who are not conducting some form of profiling and with large fleet operators it is the norm.

“Over the last 10 years, we’ve gone from a situation where we used to speak to many companies who were looking at profiling for the first time, and in many cases they knew very little about it,” said Jonathan. “In fact, most meetings I attended were for companies that were fresh to it.

“In recent years, that’s all changed. Companies with at-work drivers are acutely aware of the importance of profiling drivers in terms of accident reduction and cost savings, and the need to do it for health and safety purposes.”

E-Training World’s online driver profiling system was one of the first on the market and is hugely popular – not just with companies operating vehicle fleets, but with insurance companies, fleet management specialists, rental providers and other driver training companies who offer a branded version of the system to their clients.

“Our system assesses drivers on four key areas,” continued Jonathan. “These are attitude, knowledge, concentration/observation and hazard perception. These are the areas an approved driving instructor (ADI) would assess a driver on in-vehicle, however because we’ve placed that process online its far quicker and cheaper.

“On average, less than 10% of drivers are high risk, 70% medium risk and the remainder low risk, and we have systems for all major vehicle types including cars and small vans, large vans between 3.5tonne and 7.5 tonne, HGV, bus and coach (PCV) and minibus.”

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