Driver profiling and COVID-19 E-Driver Training Package

Woman taking online driver profiling and e-driver training on a laptop

With lockdown conditions beginning to ease, and more vehicles likely to be appearing on our roads, now is a good time to offer your drivers some refresher training.

E-Training World has developed an online package for just £15 + vat per driver to help get drivers back on the road safely.

The online package is simple to access with a quick and easy login process, and includes:

A driver risk assessment– providing you with a high, medium or low risk rating based upon 4 key criteria (Attitude / Knowledge / Observation & Concentration / Hazard Perception)

COVID-19 and driving module– an e-learning module about staying safe on the road during the Coronavirus (e.g. what to do a fuel stations, keeping vehicles safe etc)

Driving Again module– an online driver training module to help drivers get back on the road safely to minimise the chances of having a collision or incident (e.g. vehicle checks, attitude, awareness of other road users, and the key principles of safe driving)

For many companies with drivers on furlough, or working from home, this is a great time for them to complete their e-learning. Refresher training after a long period of ‘not driving’ will also help your staff get into the right frame of mind as they venture back out onto the road.

To request a demo code for this online driver training package, please email me or call 0345 2607998.

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