Back behind the wheel after Covid 19 furlough

As people return to work it’s not just the Covid-19 restrictions that will have changed when they get to work. Drivers will find the roads a different environment to what they were accustomed to prior to the ‘lockdown’.

But, how different will they be?

Some drivers who are essential workers have got used to very quiet roads, whilst others haven’t driven further than the local supermarket for months.  Some drivers who have got used to driving on quiet roads have been taking chances like speeding, not taking effective observation at junctions etc. Now to add to the problem of drivers taking chances, there are a lot of drivers who haven’t driven much (if at all) for months.

If you are about to return to work and will be driving again, you need to make sure your vehicle is roadworthy, be aware of other drivers who will be making mistakes or driving not in accordance with the Highway Code. There are also many other things to be aware of, such as pedestrians who have got used to social distancing and the quiet roads, so might step out into the road without looking when meeting others. And what do you do if you are involved in an accident?

The find the answer to that question, and many others, we have a new Driving Under Covid-19 Restrictions e-module. It costs just £3.00 + VAT and £1.00 from every e-module will be donated to the NHS.

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