Steering is easy isn’t it?

We can all remember our Driving Instructor telling us not to cross our hands when steering, but how many of us now do it on a regular basis?  Well why shouldn’t we, it is an effective steering technique.

Well I’m not going to be that Driver Trainer that says you should never do it, but I will just say one thing. Just think where your hand will end up if the airbag inflates. Imagine you are turning left and, as you turn, the vehicle in front stops and you hit the rear of them even at low speed. Most damage will be to your face as you punch yourself!

Steering is not just about how you physically turn the wheel, it’s also about where you are looking, as you will tend to steer towards where you are looking. This explains why we see so many crashes occur on the hard holder of the motorways. Drivers who aren’t concentrating fully will notice a broken-down vehicle and focus on it. Before the driver knows it they have crashed into the rear of the broken-down vehicle.

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