Grey Fleet

Companies that opt for our grey fleet system enjoy the added benefit of being able to easily manage drivers who use their own cars for business use – as well as drivers of company vehicles too!

Fully integrated into the driver profiling and e-driver training system, the system has extensive benefits:

  • Drivers add their vehicles stating whether it is their own car/van or a company vehicle
  • Drivers make an online declaration to confirm they have the necessary documentation (e.g. insurance for business use, MOT) making them legally entitled to drive on business
  • Drivers add renewal dates for all documents and upload scanned copies
  • Drivers answer a range of ‘tailored’ compliance and safety questions
  • The system will email reminders to drivers ahead of their renewal dates to prompt them to make the renewal in time and upload new documentation
  • If a renewal date passes without new documentation being added, the system emails to advise the driver that they cannot use the vehicle for business use (all wording tailored)
  • Nominated managers can be copied into the final reminders
  • Nominated managers can receive an email notification if a driver is not compliant (e.g. no document uploaded) or an issue with a safety item (e.g. lights not working).
  • Drivers can add multiple vehicles
  • Drivers can add company provided vehicles and be asked different safety/ compliance questions
  • Full dashboard reporting to give an at-a-glance overview of the compliance across your business

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