Driving after Lockdown

For some people, the experience of driving again after a long break may feel similar to being a ‘learner’ again. When we drive frequently we become ‘unconsciously competent’ – in other words, we drive without thinking too much about it because it comes naturally to us (although this presents its own dangers that we won’t touch on in this module!) 

However, after an extended period of ‘not driving’ some drivers will become ‘consciously incompetent’; a bit like a Learner driver again who has to think more carefully about every action until they become used to it again. 

If you are feeling nervous, take time to re-familiarise yourself with the vehicle and its controls, and perhaps have a drive on some quieter roads first to rebuild your confidence. 

If you are feeling happy and confident, remember that other road users may not be feeling like you. Be patient with them and do not get angry if they make simple mistakes. In the early stages of post-lockdown driving, be patient, observant and give other drivers space.

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