It’s not just humans that we carry in vehicles!

If you remember the 1980’s, there was a TV advert which reminded us to “Clunk Click Every Trip”.

If you don’t remember it, it was telling us to wear our seat belt every time we get in a vehicle.

Now in 2020 most people do remember to belt-up, and this has been a major factor in reducing injuries. However, what some people forget is your seat belt will stop you being thrown forward in the event of a collision, but it won’t stop your pets if they aren’t strapped in or restrained in a cage. Even a small animal can cause major injuries to the human occupants such as head injuries, so for your sake as well as your pets ensure they are restrained in vehicles.

But its not just our pets that can injure or kill us, other loose items kept in the passenger compartment can do just as good a job of hurting you.

If you hit another object/vehicle at 30 mph the umbrella on the back seat or the laptop will continue travelling at 30 mph until it hits you. Just think the damage that spike on the end of the umbrella could do if that hits you or a passenger.

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