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Sales & Marketing

Developing key sales and marketing skills is vital to business success, however in-class training can be quickly forgotten. It’s also not feasible for companies to send staff on regular training courses, which means that ‘on the job’ training is often provided – This is usually the responsibility of line managers who are so stretched they find it hard to deliver.

There is also the challenge that on the job training can vary as it depends on the quality of the person providing it. How busy they are on the day can also dictate how much training a member of staff receives.

This is why e-learning has become so popular.

With e-learning you can provide essential sales and marketing training on a very regular basis in short, effective modules.

E-Training World offers:

  • Combined employee assessment/evaluation courses across a wide range of topics – from effective selling techniques through to specific marketing approaches and applications
  • Short online modules ensure training is regular and can be conducted quickly and on an on-going basis
  • Every member of staff receives the same quality of training, and you can also measure levels of knowledge from the way in which they answer the questions
  • Accessed via a simple login procedure, an individual is taken through a series of questions, is measured on their response, and is then provided with correct answers with full explanations.
  • Whether it forms part of an employee’s induction programme or is provided for on-going refresher training, these short and simple modules address sales and marketing training in a progressive, educational and auditable form.
  • They are low in cost, saving a fortune on in-class and physical ‘on the job’ training
The system is also highly flexible, which means you can provide your own content which may be relevant to your own approach to sales and marketing for your industry or sector.

To view a demo of the system containing a myriad of questions from all areas of training please click here.

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For more information about E-Training World’s online driver profiling and e-driver training systems and range of E-Modules please contact us on 0845 2607998 or 0345 2607998 or via our Contact Form