Fire Safety

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  • Fire safety for offices
  • Fire safety for Hospitals and Care Homes
Fire  Safety

Fire safety is something that every employer has to address as its essential for employees, suppliers, contractors and site visitors to be assessed, trained and advised.
As such, it’s crucial to find an efficient and accessible approach.

  • E-Training World’s web-based Fire Safety modules cover a wide array of industry sectors and scenarios including offices, manufacturing plants, workshops, public buildings and educational establishments.
  • Accessed via a simple login procedure, an individual is taken through a series of questions, is measured on their response, and is then provided with correct answers with full explanations.
  • Whether it forms part of an employee’s induction programme, is provided for on-going refresher training, or is set up in reception for visitors these short and simple modules address fire safety in a progressive, educational and auditable form.
  • They are low in cost, saving a fortune on printed materials, advice sheets and question sets and are a great alternative  to consultants visiting to provide on-site training.

The system is also highly flexible, which means you can provide your own content which may be relevant to your own company policies and activities.

To view a demo of the system containing a myriad of questions from all areas of training please click here.

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